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Stone Chip Necklace Kit

Stone Chip Necklace Kit

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Make your very own stone chip necklace! This kit includes everything you need to make your own necklace like those finished ones in my shop, including a round metal bezel tray, B7000 glue, small tweezers, a toothpick, and of course small chips of polished stone (~1 teaspoon of them).

Want to see how the kit works? Watch a necklace being made with a kit here:

If you have a preference for color of bezel or rocks, let me know in the order comments. I'll do what I can to fulfill the request, but I can't currently guarantee that you will be sent the colors requested, due to my stock (I have mostly green and red-orange rocks, and not a lot of purple or blue, for example). If I can't fulfill your color request, I'll do what I can to send something similar, or a random assortment of colors for you to use.

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