Liz’s work is excellent! I’ve ordered four dice sets from her as of writing this (2 custom polyhedral sets, 1 custom d6 set, and one premade set in her store) and every single die has blown me away. The ordering experience and communication on custom orders is a cut above anywhere else I’ve purchased from - there’s a comprehensive feedback process between workshopping design concepts and discussing what will and won’t work within the resin medium, so you get exactly what you have in your mind pinned down and refined. It’s also extremely cool that she streams her process on Twitch - if you buy a premade set, there’s a decent chance you can watch it being made in a VOD, and if you order customs you can watch them get made and give feedback in real time! Even if you can’t make the stream times, she sends update photos after every step in the creation process. It’s much more involved than any other store I’ve ever purchased from and it’s why Alchemist’s Attic has become my go-to for handmade resin dice sets. Liz is a pleasure to work with and the quality of her craft and business practice speaks for itself!


-Betta L.



 Punctual, inspiring, and amazing to work with.  Liz captures the very essence of any idea I have into dice form, and I'm a satisfied customer every time!

A close up image of the face of a d6 die containing a dark feather and silver flakes in half clear half purple resin. A set of dice containing iridescent flakes and a small layer of blue and purple resin at one end. Teal dice sitting on the pages of an open book. The dice also contain forget-me-not flowers.A set of five glowing six sided dice and a crystal shaped keychain in the dark. There is one die each of blue, green, yellow, and pink, and the fourth die and keychain contain layers of those colors.

-Jen D.



Liz's dice have been nothing less than stellar. I've been ordering from her site for about half a year now and I have never been disappointed by either the quality of nor the appearance of them. Liz's creativity constantly amazes me. I've ordered commission dice from her as well and her dedication to getting them just right is astounding. You can also stop by her streams while she's making them and she'll be more than happy to talk to you about them and take feedback on details in real time. I've recently purchased her advent calendar and it was 100% worth it. It was very well packed so it wouldn't be damaged in shipping. The calendar itself is a wooden frame with several drawers and while she didn't make it, it adds to the overall satisfaction of receiving a quality product. Each die has been individually wrapped so it feels like opening a little present every single day. I cannot recommend Liz highly enough.

A set of pink and blue dice on top of a spiraling graph in a science book. The dice contain a lattice of white between the pink and blue clouds of resin.    A close up image of the inside of a d12 die. It contains a headstone surrounded by dark green grass, tiny purple flowers and smoky white fog. A set of translucent dice backlit by a window behind them. They are half vibrant blue and half bright pink and contain flecks of copper foil in them.

-Omar I.



Liz’s artistry is incredible. I’ve ordered premade dice, custom jumbo dice, dice trays, and necklaces from Liz and I have loved them all. The detail that is put into Liz’s creations is next-level, I’m always impressed. I love getting dice and goodies from Liz and will definitely be getting more in the future!  

A set of sparkly pink dice sitting on someone's hand. A set of jumbo dice in which every die is different, a dark colored moon-shaped necklace, and two small resin trays. One tray looks like the beach and the other is mainly dark green with a border of flowers. 




All of the dice I have ordered from Liz have been superb. Her talent and dedication to her craft are evident in every piece. The personal touch also gives me that warm glow utility. I both get to order something just for me, and contribute directly to the livelihood of an artist.

In my experience ordering custom sets, she has been willing to go the extra mile.
Liz is responsive to communications, candid about both the time required to make a set and the costs involved, and informative about the possibilities and limitations of the materials.
It's alot of fun to watch her make custom work live on her stream, and somehow empowering to this complete nonartist to see the creation of what I pictured.

 A macro photo of a red hand encased in a d10 die with gold foil flakes. A set of dice that are part clear and part translucent light blue. They have clouds of white in them and gold numbers. A close up image of a set of dark dice. They have a pink and blue shimmer that runs through the center of each die.

- Rosa C.



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