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Small Custom Tray

Small Custom Tray

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I am not currently accepting new custom item orders. Keep an eye out, though, they will return soon!


Please send me a message before ordering so we can discuss what you're looking for in these dice and which listed complexity will be right for you.

Trays vary in price based on complexity, and will fall under one of three categories: simple, standard, or complex.


Simple trays are made with one or two colors of resin, or a single color of resin and a glitter, foil, or iridescent flake. A simple tray will run you $20.


Most things fall under the category of standard. These have multiple colors and/or glitters and may include items that are simple to source and place, like feathers, moss, or large shaped sequins. A standard will run you $30.


Complex trays are ones that have meticulously placed items or have any handmade or handpainted inclusions.

Complex trays vary in price based on handmade inclusions.

The base price for a complex tray is $45. This price includes trays that contain items which need to be meticulously placed

If the tray contains handmade or handpainted inclusions, that is then an additional $10 on top of that base price and will run you $55. That additional charge can be added by also adding the "Complex Add-on" listing to your cart. If this sounds confusing, don't worry, I'll send you a link to all the pieces you'll need to order when we discuss your tray design.

Many different things are available including flowers, moss, glitter, shimmery pigments, glow in the dark pigments, iridescent flakes, handcrafted polymer clay items, or any other number of inclusions and dyes. The possibilities are endless! If I don't have what you're looking for, I'm always happy to order colors, glitters, and small items in as well (depending on their price).

Between the planning, setup, repours, and polishing, this process may take 2-3 months, so please keep that in mind when ordering.

The Process and Shop Stuff:
I am happy to keep you updated throughout the crafting process via email to make sure the tray is shaping up how you are expecting, or I am happy to keep it a surprise if you'd prefer, just let me know! Each tray may have up to 2 test pours made before the final set, so if the first (or second) tray made isn't quite what you're looking for, no worries! If multiple trays are made, you can have your choice of which one you would like sent to you out of the three. The remaining trays will remain in my possession and may be resold at my discretion. Along those lines, I retain rights to the tray designs made and may use them in the future to make more to sell.

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