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Mystery Handmade Dice (7 or 8 pc Set)

Mystery Handmade Dice (7 or 8 pc Set)

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Want a set of dice and also want a bit of a mystery? Here's the item for you! By purchasing this listing, you will get one set of mystery handmade dice. Some of the sets are made up of 7 or 8 unique dice with the same theme, some sets glow in the dark, some of them have a pointy d4 while others have a crystal shape... it's a real grab bag!

This listing is for a set of polyhedral dice including a d20, d12, 2d10. d8, d6, d4, and sometimes a d2. The perfect set for a game of Dungeon & Dragons or other tabletop RPG.

Disclaimer: These dice are handmade and, while I do my best, may be imperfectly weighted and have minor imperfections.
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